How We Fight

In 2011 we filed a lawsuit against Naperville’s city-owned electric utility in United States Federal Court after they mandated “Smart meters” be installed on every home and business. Our case asks only for an analog electric meter option and nothing else.

In the fall of 2016, after nearly 5 years in federal court, our case was dismissed with incomplete discovery and never went to trial. We feel the reasoning used for dismissal was questionable and that the federal judge sidestepped NSMA’s right to our day in court.

We have retained the prominent Chicago law firm of 

Thompson Coburn, LLP 

to take the case to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

These attorneys are sought nationally for their expertise in privacy law. This experienced and well-respected firm is thoroughly aware of the indisputable evidence that we have collected over the past several years and they are confident (as are we) that this appeal is worth pursuing.

Our appeal brief was filed in late February. We gained support for the case from Privacy International and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. These internationally respected organizations agreed to be listed as Friends of the Court. They produced an amicus brief that was admitted by the court, further strengthening our case.

We are protected by the 4th amendment, but the Constitution was not written with today’s technology in mind. Our case is in uncharted waters of our national laws and in a position to set precedent, not just in Naperville, but nationally. A favorable outcome will echo nationwide, benefiting every property owner in America, re-establishing our right to privacy within their own homes.


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received by Memorial Day, May 29, 2017.

We ask for your financial support at this critical time to fund our legal team’s efforts.

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NSMA is dedicated to winning this case, even if we must petition the Supreme Court of the United States to do so.

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