Naperville Smart Meter Awareness has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court.

Case: 1:11-cv-09299

As of October 2016:

The lower federal court denied NSMA its day in court and ruled against our case without even allowing for normal discovery and depositions. As a result, we have filed an appeal with the 7th Circuit Court.

More information about the case is coming or you can look it up.

  • NSMA's lawsuit seeks only to force the Naperville City Council to implement INFORMED CONSENT regarding Smart Meter use within the city's municipally-owned electric utility.

  • Informed Consent means customers must be given the opportunity to assess the costs and benefits for themselves and OPT IN to the use of this device on their home or business.

  • The lawsuit does NOT seek any financial reward for the plaintiffs.

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness is fighting against forced installation of smart meters based on the fact that Naperville runs a municipally-owned electric utility. Any victory we accomplish should be applicable to other similarly situated electric customers.

If you are not a customer of a municipally-owned utility, we would suggest working with your local government to pass an ordinance mandating that electric customers must give “opt-in” consent to the use of a smart electric meter. Also, one could work with their state representatives to have state law SB1652 amended to include the requirement of “opt-in” consent.

Other Lawsuits:

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